Prehoc Solutions Ltd is fully registered with the UK's Data Protection Registrar (number Z2462235), and we operate a clear set of policies governing privacy and communication:

Recording of communications

  1. In common with most UK businesses, we may record telephone calls for security purposes. Please note that these recordings are fully compliant with the various legislations in place in the UK.

  2. Visits to our websites are logged as per all well run websites, and we record the standard data provided by your web browser when visiting websites run by us.

  3. This data is used to track overall usage statistics, and may be used to assist in tracking any abuse against ourselves or our clients.

Use of customer records
  1. We operate a customer service email list. This email will only ever be used for service updates, and not marketing purposes.

  2. We operate an optional customer mailing list, which may contain marketing. This is an opt-in list, and at any time recipients may choose to opt-in or opt-out of receiving these emails.

  3. We do not use agencies to distribute information to our customers.

  4. We will never sell, rent or otherwise relinquish our customer details to any third party, except as required by a court of law.

Telemarketing to Prehoc Solutions Ltd
  1. We never accept unsolicited offers via any method so please do not write, call or email with offers.

  2. Any such contact will be logged, and may result in the termination of any current or future arrangements with Prehoc Solutions Ltd.

  3. Scam calls will, as necessary, be reported to trading standards and/or the police, and recordings of those calls made available as evidence.

Spam Policy
  1. We operate a strict no-spam policy. Any customer found using our systems for spam distribution will be investigated immediately. Should they be responsible for the misuse, their service will be suspended immediately and may be terminated at our sole discretion.

Our access to customer files when repairing machines
  1. We respect fully our customers' rights to privacy and unlike many companies we will *NEVER* look through a customer's files without their express permission.

  2. Where analysis at file level is required, customers will be informed first and their permission sought before proceeding.

  3. Unavoidable access of data (for example, the image present on the desktop or files opening automatically upon startup of the machine) may occur, but any detail therein will not be analysed.

  4. None of the above shall remove the requirement for us to report certain illegal material discovered during working on your machine.

If you have any queries about these policies, or have reason to believe these policies have not been adhered to, please contact us.